How Do I Update My Profile Account?

Explaining how to edit your profile information

After you’ve created your free Machine Compare membership, you can add further information to your profile if required or edit any current information if it changes.

In the top-right drop-down box, you will be able to pick the edit profile option which will lead you through to your edit profile page. 

Here you add any additional information or edit information, for example, your password. 


Things to consider: 

  • VAT country and number – If you’re thinking of signing up for a listings membership then you will need to fill in this information to ensure you are billed correctly. 

  • Company address  

  • Social profiles – if you are a seller, you might want to add your social profiles here. Users will be able to see this when they’re browsing your product pages. 

  • Bank details – At the bottom of the page you have a bank details area, if you are interested in bidding then you will have to add your bank information here. We will not charge the account that the details will belong to, this is only to ensure that all bids are serious. Once the auction has ended, an invoice will be provided to pay via bank transfer if you are the auction winner. 

    For a better understanding,  please see the explanatory video below:

    HubSpot Video

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